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A beautiful, but naïve young Danish woman becomes trapped in a delusional Nazi’s obsession, and when the man she loves comes back to her everything in her protected world comes crashing down…until she finds a bitter resolve to carry out a fatal plan of final and ultimate revenge.

Under the Hidden Sun will keep you turning the pages late at night until the very end.


When sudden change happens, most times it's not a good thing. 


When a troubled young heir to a shipping fortune is suddenly transformed by evil magic into the form of a haunting stranger, he must travel to an ominous city at the edge of the world to unlock the magic's fateful mystery.
“With its subtly sinister atmosphere and measured element of fantasy, the book succeeds in creating a story that reads like a lost tale by Robert Louis Stevenson or Stephen Crane…surprising and satisfying…A charming gothic pastiche.” — Kirkus Reviews

SIMON SAND is now available as an eBook. 

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